Guide to help you to stay Fit and Healthy without GYM

Want to get in shape without going to gym that you are at the right place. It is not mandatory to go gym or have a personal physical trainer to achieve a healthy and fit body. In today’s world people do not have the to go gym daily as it needs consistency. It will be better if people know about how can they be fit while staying in their houses.

stay fit and healthy

Even if you want to build muscles that you may get shocked that it can also be done inside of your house without using any machine or props. “If someone wants to get started, they could take a brisk walk, then do abdominal exercises and push-ups,” says Richard Weil, MEd, CDE an exercise physiologist and WebMD Weight Loss clinic consultant.

Important elements of fitness

According to professional trainers and scientists who study exercise physiology, there are 5 most important elements of fitness : –

1. A warmup.
2. A cardiovascular (aerobic) workout.
3. Resistance (strength-building) exercises.
4. Flexibility moves.
5. A cooldown

Let us discuss these elements very briefly just to understand better. A warm-up can be a simple walk or jump inside your house or on trademill if you have. For the portion of cardiovascular you can ride stationary bicycle fast as much as to increase your heart beat. You can also jump a rope or anything you like which can increase your heart rate.

At first the resistance portion should be simple. You can do squats , pushups and abdominal crunches or any of the two which seems easy for you. If you have dumbbell than you can also use it or you can also use rope which stretches. For flexibility portions stretch your body as much as possible on the floor or you can also do yoga poses if you can. And your cooldown should be similar to the warm up, says Steele — “cardiovascular work at a low level to bring the heart rate down to a resting state.”

You can add up exercises if you can do it but remember, you should take rest between the exercises just to calm your body. If somehow you are short of time for exercise than increase the intensity of your exercise to cope up with the less the you have. Instead of your usual 45-minute ride on the stationary bike, choose a harder program for 25 minutes and really push yourself. Choose the hilly walk in your neighborhood, or jog instead of walking.

There are a type of exercise which is called as compound exercises. While doing this exercise many muscles of your body is involved rather than single muscle. For example, doing squats (with or without weights) works the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus, and calves. Push-ups involve the pectorals, deltoids, biceps, triceps — even the abdominals and the upper back. If you can not build exercise for you than you can also take help by watching videos of trainers online and then follow their exercises.

Getting started

For beginners, 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise will be enough for a week. If you can go for more then do it 40 minutes in a week. You can do it daily or in alternate days, whatever suits you. Whatever exercise you are doing just remember to start gradually and increase the pace of your exercise slowly slowly. And don’t forget to listen to your body, says Weil.

“Focus on the muscles that you think you should be working,” he says. “See if you feel it there. If you’re working your abs and you feel it in your neck, then it’s not right. Close your eyes and start to tune in to your body.”

And then comes the soul of exercise, diet. Be attentive about what are you eating and what amount are you eating. Be more elective and choose the protein rich foods instead of going for oily and carbohydrate rich foods which taste so good that it is hard to say no to them. Be focused and make a daily routine of exercise and do not forget to take rest.