Want reasons to stay fit? We will give you many

As the lifestyle of people is changing day by day, people are becoming more desease intolerent. People’s immune system has gone weaken by the time. This is not only by the change in lifestyle, other major component is environment problems.

stay fit

To make a balance with environment We should keep your body clean and fit and make it a bit more resilient towards diseases. Many people are going gym, some doing exercise at home as well and both are good. There are also a bunch of people who is looking for the benefit of staying fit. In this, we will discuss about some of the major effect of being fit. So, lets begin.

What fitness really means

Being physically fit means you are able to engage in consistent exercise because your cardiovascular system is healthy, your body is flexible and your muscles are strong. Overall, you can do work without feeling tired quickly. There must be a good ratio of your muscles and body fat. There are many options to stay fit like swimming, jogging, cycling, walking and dancing etc.

Your weight will be in control

The food you eat is utilise in energy which is used to do physical work. Extra food got deposits in your body as a fat. When you do physical work, you burn calories which is very good and when it starts to deposit in your body it increases your weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of exercise each week to maintain your weight. Increase this number for healthy weight loss. When you stay fit it will helps you to grow your muscles which will then increase your metabolism which in result will burn more calories and this cycle goes on and on throughout your life making you fit day by day.

Reduce the chance of diseases

Engaging in daily physical exercise will keep your body fit and controls your blood pressure and cholesterol levels which is the main cause of any heart diseases. This will also reduce your risk of getting diabetes of type 2. People who live an active lifestyle reduce their risk of several types of cancer, primarily colon and breast cancers, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

This means that physically fit body will act like a protecting shield between you and diseases to protect you from these deadly diseases. Physically fit body have a strong metabolism which boosts up your immune system which can fight with normal disease very quickly like common cold, cough, headache etc.

Improves your mental health

Regular exercise keeps your brain active and it also have good supply of blood when you exercise. This in result enhances your ability to think, learn and also boost up your memory and enhance them. This does not mean that you should spent hour doing exercise to be more intelligent, not at all according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even small duration of exercise can do these things. Endorphins , which is responsible for depression boost up when you exercise, which will make your mood fresh and you will feel joy. The recommendations is one should do 30 to 60 min of exercise three to six times a week respectively.

Increase strengths of your muscles and bones

Exercises which makes you breath more and more is very good for your muscles. It tones up your muscles and enhance their quality. While eightlifting, using resistance bands or practicing yoga are strength-training activities which increase your muscles strength and power. Fit body lowers the loss in density of bones as the fit body stay optimum in working. This will lower the risk of osteoporosis for you and will make your day to day tasks much easier for you.

Increases your life span

This is the best benefit of a fit body and it is enough to aware people about benefit of fit body. Who does not want to live longer. People who exercise daily to stay fit , they can have a 40 percent lower risk of dying early, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The more you exercise the more you will enhance your life span , but any amount is good way to live long.